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CBX Motorcycle Vital Statistics

ICOA Rally Information Form
for Regional Directors and Rally Organizers

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The Bonneville CBX!

Tom Neimeyer's Magnificent Lakester X
(Special commemorative PDF reprint from The CBXPress, 640K.)

Visit Death Valley
Big Quicktime Movie 3.1M

ICOA Goodies

The CBX Way
From the pages of the CBXPress

Visions of Stan

The CBXpress visits ICOA Founder Stan Carpenter
(Special commemorative PDF reprint from The CBXPress, 320K.)

Legends Live Forever!

A brace of 250cc Honda Sixes!
Jim Redman leads Mike Hailwood in the 1966 German Grand Prix at Hockenheim.
"Mike the Bike" would set a lap record and win the race.
(Photos by Wolfgang Gruber, in Mike Hailwood, a Motorcycle Racing Legend, by Mick Woollett.)

Sensei Irimajiri's Awesome RC149 Five Cylinder Racer at Suzuka 1999

Mike Hailwood at Quarter Bridge, 1966 Lightweight TT
on the extraordinary Five Cylinder 125cc Honda
(Photo by B.R. Nicholls, in Mike Hailwood, a Motorcycle Racing Legend, by Mick Woollett.)

Full motion MPEG Video with Audio!

Online Parts Catalog!

Courtesy Andreas Forster,
CBX Club Deutschland
CBX B and C
Online Parts Catalog!

Courtesy Achim Grabbe,
CBX Club Deutschland

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Tech Tid Bits in PDF and JPEG Format
Updated July 4, 2001
Now including the first Honda Service Bulletins for the CBX!
Electrical Chart * Valve Adjustment Worksheet * Sport Kit * Exhaust Systems * Spark Plugs * Oil Filters * Brake Pads * Seat Guide

The Best of the CBXpress!
The Dyno Doesn't Lie * Care and Feeding of the CBX * Brake Bleeding * Smooth Idle * Electrical Troubleshooting
* The School Bike Saga *
Excerpts from recent issues of the CBXpress in PDF Format

The CBX Club Archives
Including an Index of Technical Information in the CBXPress 1982-1997

ICOA 2001 Financial Statement

Updated August 25, 2003

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