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Recommended for the CBX Bookshelf

Honda CBX 1000 Gold Portfolio1978-1982
Compiled by R.M. Clarke
Brooklands Books, 172 pp, many B&W photos, charts, and tables.
Twenty-nine road tests, comparos, and articles from Cycle, Cycle World, Motorcyclist, Superbike, Motor Cycle Mechanics, Bike, Cycle Canada, and others are brought together in an anthology for aficionados of the CBX Motorcycle. You wish they'd sprung for color inside, but if you love your CBX you will buy it this book.

Sportbike Performance Handbook
Kevin Cameron
MBI Publishing, 176 pp, profusely illustrated.
Imagine a whole book filled with Kevin Cameron's wonderful "TDC" columns from Cycle World, but with the time and space to really get into the details of every aspect of motorcycle performance. If you are only going to have one book on how and why your motorcycle works the way it does, this is it.
The Racing Motorcycle
A technical guide for constructors
John Bradley
Broadland Leisure Publications, 406 pp, many tables, charts, diagrams, and photos.
Thorough, detailed, perhaps too specific. Almost the best book available on the subject in depth (see "Motorcycle Design and Technology" below). After running through engine and gearbox considerations (see CBX Homework), Bradley spends 290 pages on chassis geometry, resistance to motion, suspension systems, and the physics of performance.
Tuning for Speed
Phil Irving
Turton & Armstrong, 260 pp, many figures.
The original high-performance handbook by Vincent's chief designer of the Series B "Rapide" and its renowned variants, the "Black Shadow" and the "Black Lightning". Classic, still fascinating and relevant.

The Design and Tuning of Competition Engines
Philip H. Smith, revised by David N. Wenner
Robert Bentley, 517 pp, charts, figures, and photos.
This seminal work on engine performance considers its subject in three parts: Theory, Practice, and Applications (including the American V-8 and Cosworth). This book remains an excellent reference text for anyone interested in the operation and enhancement of the internal combustion engine.

Our latest strong recommendations for your Motorcycling Collection

Superbikes of the Seventies
Roland Brown
David Bull Publishing, 192 pp. Hundreds of color photos.
Roland Brown presents us with a wonderful survey of virtually all of the great motorcycles of the magnificent First Era of Superbikes. Beautifully designed by Tom Morgan, contemporary color photos, specification tables, and illuminating quotes from the literature of the time accompany each concise history and riding impression of the legendary machines which created the world of sport motorcycling. They are all there, from the 1969 Honda CB750 to the 1979 Kawasaki Z1300, Ducs and Yams, from the utterly sublime 1973 MV Augusta 750 Sport to the gloriously conflicted 1977 Harley-Davidson XLCR, the cool 1978 Kawasaki Z1-R and the scary 1972 Kawi H2, the svelt 1970 Norton Commando and the straight-up 1979 Laverda Jota, Triumphs, Bimotas, Benellis, Guzzis, Roland Brown brings the whole house! And yes, oh my brothers, quality time is spent with the ICOA's own Mel Watkins' fine 1979 Candy Glory Red CBX. As "The Art of the Motorcycle" set a new standard for motorcycling design histories, so Roland Brown has well and truly served us the best of that fabulous beginning of the Superbike Era on a luxurious and very well prepared platter.
Mike Hailwood
A Motorcycle Racing Legend
Mick Woollett
Foreward by Giacomo Agostini
Haynes, 208 pp. Hundreds of B&W and color photos.
Mick Woollett, who was there, presents a magnificent, concise racing biography of 'Mike the Bike', virtually unanimously viewed as the greatest motorcycle racer ever. Here you will find the finest collection of Hailwood photos anywhere, principally by Nick Nicholls and Wolfgang Gruber. Mick Woollett's contributions to motorcycle racing literature have been superlative, and this one is inestimable.
Motorcycle Design and Technology
Gaetano Cocco
Giorgio Nada Editore, Vimodrone, Milan, 215 pp, profusely illustrated.
The new standard reference on the physics of the motorcycle and the engineering concepts which follow. Clearly drawn directly from the knowledge and experience of the Aprilia research and development team, the discussion ranges from the forces and gyroscopic effects felt by the motorcycle in motion, through interactions with the ground and vibration modes, to aerodynamics, engine layout, and suspension considerations. This book will make you smarter.
Chasing Che
Patrick Symmes
Vintage, 302 pp.
Retracing the 1953 South American motorcycle tour of Ernesto Guevara and his friend from Argentina to Bolivia via Chile and Peru, Symmes covers 10,000 km to reconstruct the politico-psychological roots of the young man who would become "Che", the worldwide icon of people's revolution. A good read, with some journalistic insights into moto-roughing it in hostile territory.
The Perfect Vehicle
Melissa Holbrook Pierson
Norton, 240 pp, photos.
One of the very best books about motorcycling. Ms. Pierson visits all the places of motorcycling's heart and mind, illuminated from the charming point of view of an extremely interesting young woman. This wonderful little volume does for motorcycling what Joyce Carol Oates did for boxing.

Good books on Motorcycling can be hard to find.
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