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They Made It!

Following the ICOA's Bill Hertling and Mickey Cohen on the Road to Deal's Gap and the Honda Hoot Ride for Kids!

The ICOA supports
The Search For The Cause and Cure of Childhood Brain Tumors Through Research.

The International CBX Owners Association supports Honda's '99 Ride for Kids benefiting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the U.S.

You may participate by making a donation or collecting on behalf of the PBTFUS.

Our total to date (8-1-99) for the 1999 Ride for Kids Season:


We beat last year's total! Will we break $4000? Yes!

Your Donation: Checks should be made out to "Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States" or "PBTFUS" and sent to:

William Hertling
Russell Dickerson
3243 Sunrise Lake
123 Anglewood Dr.
Milford, PA. 18337
Fairfield Glade, TN 38558

If you want to personally collect for the PBTFUS you may call direct at 1-800-253-6530 and ask to receive their collecting kit.

When submitting funds to the PBTFUS, fill out the donation sheet and print above your name "On behalf of the International CBX Owners Association".

Both you and the CBX Club will get credit for all your hard work and efforts.

"Believe me when I say, you will feel good about yourself, knowing that your efforts are helping children to live a normal and healthy life! You can do something in your life for someone else -- you'll feel great about it!" - Bill Hertling

Last year the CBX Club raised over $3,100.00.

Help us beat that record by participating in any way you feel comfortable!

You may also ride at one of the many Ride for Kids 1999 events:
June 6-Atlanta, GA June 13-Utica, NY June 26-Asheville, NC June 27-St. Paul, MN
July 18-Oakbrook, IL July 24-Marysville, OH  
Aug. 1-Harriman, NY Aug. 22-North Oxford, MA Aug. 29-Ann Arbor, MI 
Sept. 12-Enumclaw, WA Sept. 19-Columbia, MD Sept. 26-Sacramento, CA 
Oct. 10-Phoenix, AZ   

For everyone who threw in with our man Hertling
and his companions Cohen and Dickerson:


Our ICOA Representative Bill Hertling presents $3115.00 in Donations to the Ride for Kids at the 1998 Honda Hoot!

Ably assisted by gracious host Tennessee Director Russ Dickerson, Hertling delivers the goods!

Hertling Hooting Gallery

ICOA Members Rendezvous in Chicago

Pictured here with Mike Shanahan (center) and his CBX, Mickey Cohen (left) and Bill Hertling made it to Chicago's Highland House after wandering London Ontario for two days looking for James Elliot and the Canadian CBX get together. They said they will never forget the exits for Melbourne and Sheddney! Mickey and Bill are travelling west to visit more of America before looping back to the Honda Hoot and Deal's Gap. Best of luck from your fellow CBXers, guys!


Linda Eastlee Sights Hertling, Cohen Wields Camera

Linda files this report:
After their Sunday stop at the Highland House with Mike, Monday found them meandering up the Great River Road along the Mississippi River bordering Wisconsin and Minnesota. High bluffs, winding roads and great river views you just can't miss when you visit our area. (Come join us for Van Kormurka's Uplands Tour July 17-19 and we'll show you!)
I appreciated being part of their vacation, joining them for lunch south of Minneapolis as they passed on thru. They are heading out hwy 12 west from Minneapolis, which leads all the way to the state of Washington by way of Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Idaho. There isn't much between here and the mountains in Montana, so my suggestion was to get down to business, and get to the mountains! I heard them murmer something about Lolo Pass in Idaho as they were leaving.

Catching Up with the Hertling-Cohen Gang

Well, the boys got to Lolo Pass in Idaho all right...
...but before they did, they...
...discovered that Minnesota was not the same as Montana, speed-wise...
...partied with some guys in the Black Hills who rock everyday, all the time...
...found Devil's Tower right where Spielberg left it...
...and then they went looking for The Rocketman!
Bill Hertling and Mickey Cohen flank CBXPress Internet Editor Tom Whaley somewhere in the Great Northwest.

Now all they gotta do is get to North Carolina!

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For more information and to make your donation, e-mail William Hertling, or his cohort for last minute donations on the last leg to the Hoot, ICOA Tennessee Director Russell Dickerson. You can send a last minute donation to:
c/o Russell Dickerson
123 Anglewood Drive
Fairfield Glade, TN 38558
Please join the ICOA in showing your support for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States and the 1998 Ride for Kids.

If you would like to act on behalf of the Ride for Kids in your own community, Click Here for your Official Ride for Kids Fundraiser's Kit.

(c) International CBX Owners Association 1998 and PBTFUS material 1996 Ride for Kids / Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States

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