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I am not an expert, however, I have had 2 cbx's (79 w/16000 mi & 81 w/50000 mi).

Both bikes have been sold.

I purchased the 81 from a guy who was in the Air Force, he purchased it new, ever since he had the bike he had used misappropriated airforce synthetic oil in the bike.

When I purchased had a motor problem due to a plug electrode falling off in the cylinder. The bike had approx 40000 miles on it at that time. when I removed the head & barrel there were STILL CROSSHATCHES in the cylinders. After repairs used same used rings on rehoned barrell. Bike ran fine till sold w/50000 miles. (I also used Synthetic)

After observing this, changed 79 (which had not had synthetic) to synthetic. After approx 100 miles idle speed had climbed to approx 1400 from 1000, reset to 1000. At approx 150 total since oil change was again up, this time only to about 1200, reset to 1000. Idle stayed. This is not a scientific test however somehow with no other changes idle picked up 600 rpm, the only other change was a new oem filter.

Also used synthetic in 90 cbr 1000, 98 shadow aero, various other cars, trucks, hotrods, motorcycles, lawnmowers, snowblowers...... I AM SOLD.

I experienced ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS WITH ANYTHING lubrication related, no clutch slippage, (all had stock clutches). The only downside is cost.

I will continue to use CASTROL SYNTEC 5/50, (not motorcycle specific oil). you can debate this, disagree with this, or not. I merely a statement of the facts as I observed them.

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Read this. Best explanation I've seen yet

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