Wanted cbx.

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Re: Wanted cbx.

Post by herdygerdy »

Congratulations on your new acquisition, you're going to love it.

I'm in Australia and I've never seen that sidestand setup before - as someone said earlier, maybe it's a German market thing (?)

BUT..it looks to me like that odd link thingy (which looks to me not unlike the sideplate of a drive chain link) to which the top end of the two springs are mounted to maybe installed on the WRONG side of that gold pin coming out of the top of the sidestand mounting bolt. I can certainly see by the way it is installed now, that the springs would always be wanting to pull the sidestand up.

Can you remove both springs and the link thingy and reinstall it so it drops down IN FRONT of the gold sidestand bolt pin?

Or even remove the link thingy entirely and simply connect the top ends of both springs to the gold pin coming out of the sidestand bolt??

Be prepared for some skinned knuckles and plenty of cussin' both removing and reinstalling the springs.

(& others feel free to chime in if I am totally incorrect on the above hypothesis)

Let us know how you get on.

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