New Users! Web Forum 101.

What's here, how to use it, where to get help.
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New Users! Web Forum 101.

Post by NobleHops »

If you're not familiar with using a web forum, it can be pretty daunting browsing one as 'developed' as this one is for the first time :) . Here are a few tips for new users that will hopefully help you get the most out of the site:

1. Register

Look in the upper right, and register for a user account. This will let you post, and there is also a lot of good content, (plus the search functions) that are not available to users that are not registered. There is no cost, your email will never be shared outside the site, no obligation.

2. Introduce yourself

You don't have to use your real name if you prefer, but it's nice to have new folks say 'hi', and tell us why you're here if you're doing a project, or seeking knowledge. You may be amazed at the help and old acquaintances you find here if you do.

3. Master the use of 'Search'

There are three types of search, each very powerful, and very valuable.

'Simple' search is in the upper right (for registered users) and will search most of the site with simple keyword searches. It works really well, but the search results can be plentiful. More words gets fewer results.

'Advanced' search lets you combine attributes, search by topic or author, etc. Located just below 'Simple' search. Try it and see how it's different.

'Canned' search is the one I personally use the most of all, and is in my opinion the key to browsing the site and keeping up with it quickly. This is only available on the forum 'Home' page, accessed by clicking 'Board Index' in the upper left. Three options are available, and the one I find most useful is 'View Unread Posts'. If you're a new user, than I strongly suggest you visit the link at the upper right that says 'Mark Forums Read', and then the next time you come, click the 'Canned Search' link that says 'View Unread Posts' and you can see what's new since your last visit. (see the screenshot)
This is the key.jpg
4. Post photos

'Worth a thousand words' and all that. There are three basic ways to add photos to this site.

First, you can use the 'Upload Attachment' feature at the bottom of every 'compose' window, caption them, and then place the cursor where you want to insert the photo and click 'Place inline'.

Second you can create a 'Gallery' if you're a registered user (link to 'Gallery' in upper right), and upload photos to that, and then link to them within your post.

Third you can utilize an external photo hosting site, such as SmugMug (my personal favorite) or ImageBucket, or others. This allow you to collect and organize your photos there, and then get a 'sharing' link from that site to embed in your post using the 'img' tool.

You can pretty much link a photo of any size and the board software will resize it for easy display on the forum

5. Ask for help

'Nuff said, if you ask for help, you will likely get it.

6. Join the club

There is even more content that is reserved for members, including back issues of the magazine, technical documents, and other odds and ends. If you love the CBX then consider supporting the club, and by doing so, help us to preserve it. Dues are $30 (US) per year for North America, slightly higher for international members to offset increased mailing costs for our periodic magazine. More info on that is here:

Welcome to the site!

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