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Road Nirvana

Beyond the scattered fiefdoms on the eastern frontier of Southern California, beyond even the mighty weapons stations of Earth's only remaining superpower, lies the deep desert, and deepest within it, the awesome chaos of Death Valley.

Pete Ruff and Rod Libby above Ridgecrest

Ian Foster left the only CBX in Hong Kong at home, so he bought a Delorean to hook up with us at Ridgecrest.

At the very center of this monstrously beautiful emptiness is the oasis of Furnace Creek, headquarters of the California ICOA 1998 Death Valley Run.

Crossing the vast Panamint Nowhere beyond Trona, great riding and deep mystery come together to elevate the spirits of the CBX brethren.

Refreshment is sought and found at the Furnace Creek Ranch.
Clockwise from left, David Foster, Howard, Darrell Peck, Rod and Angela, Pete Ruff, Kim, Kim's wife and son, Gary Allen, Andy Green, and Oliver.
Libations are offered and accepted at the Corkscrew Saloon.
Angela, Rod, Pete, and Gary

The Southern California contingent splits Sunday morning. Many questions remain:

The Northern California contingent remains to explore the valley.

Scotty's Castle
Dante's View

Upon our crazed souls, we earnestly declare to anyone who will listen:

It doesn't get any better than this!

Tender 3rd quarter Moon sets upon the approach from the east of high-powered motorcycles,
the white Sierra Wall forming the true boundary of the vast Death Valley region.

Our hearts are fully awake to the gracious gods who have permitted our passage,
and we are adrenalin grateful!

Horsepower comrades and Zen nomads in the new school of Knowledge is Action
renew their faith in The Way of the Motorcycle.

From Badwater to Morro Rock we have travelled to learn this secret.

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