Road Tests

Cycle magazine road test: 1979 Honda CBX.
The Honda CBX was introduced in 1978, an advanced and innovative machine for its time. Here's the entire original road test from Cycle magazine's February 1978 issue, including photos and dyno chart. It's very comprehensive, with detailed technical discussion and considerable input from the Japanese engineering team that designed the bike.

Cycle magazine road test: 1980 Honda CBX.
The CBX was built for four United States model years (1979-1982). During the first two years, it was sold as a superbike, then it was repositioned as a sport-touring machine with a fairing. The 1980 machine is a refinement of the original, with a number of drawbacks to the original design addressed (e.g. shocks, swing arm). However, it also lost nearly twenty percent of the horsepower the first version had - read the article to find out why. (Also read the next article for more insight into the power question.)

In Search of the Eleven Second CBX.
This article, from the March 1980 Cycle, examines the causes of the large horsepower dropoff in the 1980 'A' model CBX compared to the first-year 'Z' bikes. Everything you might want to know about CBX ignition advance curves, and more.

Suzuki GS1100 vs. Honda CBX.
In 1980, Motorcyclist magazine compared the CBX (the reigning champion superbike) and its challenger, the new Suzuki 16-valve GS1100ET. Find out which bike emerged victorious, and why.

Cycle magazine road test: 1981 Honda CBX.
This test covers the first year of the CBX in its sport-touring incarnation. Check out the fine photo of the bike with the Golden Gate bridge in the background.

Cycle World magazine road test: 1981 Honda CBX.
Another take on the new CBX configuration unveiled in 1981.

CBX: By its Numbers, King.
This mini-test of the 1982 model CBX describes a day trip along the Pacific coast. It appeared in Cycle magazine's July 1982 issue.

One from the Heart.
Ten years after the introduction of the CBX, Cycle magazine ran this article examining its enduring appeal.

Modern Rarities - Honda CBX-6
A discussion of buying and maintaining the various CBX models, from the Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics December 1989 issue. Thanks to Tom Neimeyer for providing the article.

You Wear it Well
A "Classic Ride" road test of the 1978 Honda CBX from the Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics September 1995 issue. Thanks to Tom Neimeyer for providing the article.

Retrospective: Honda CBX1000 1979-1982.
A look back at the CBX, from Rider magazine's October 1996 issue.

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