looking for help

looking for help

Postby tidal » Sun Apr 25, 2004 4:43 am

I have just bought a CBX1000 39000km registered as an 81 but from other websites engine numbers etc and its color ( white ) I think it is an 82.

I have a heap of questions I would like assistance with.

1. The engine runs very poorly from idle to about 2800 rpm as if it was a 5 cylinder, and then once past this point pulls very well and cleanly to 9500, with no shortage of power, the bike shop was fiddling with the screws under some of the carbs trying to correct it.

So the question is, what could cause this and can the carbs be stripped for cleaning without replacing gaskets or do the gaskets fall apart when opened, I do not think it has been opened before but aparently stood for a number of years and from some of the forums replies I guess I have to figure out how to tilt the engine forward ( do I need to remove chain, exhausts etc ).

2. The plastic parts need fixing can they be fiberglassed or is this a job for a pro, also I do not have the lower fairing pieses does anyone have a set or a drawing to manufacture these in fiberglass stc.

3. There is a rattle form the clutch cover, again from your replies I suspect the primary chain ( maybe a little of the poor running at idle as well ) how do I measure oil pressure to the adjuster ( where ) and what should the pressure be, where are the seals that wear and how do I replace them.

4. What is the correct fork oil level and measured how.

5. Does anyone have a good close up photo of the front of the engine as I need to find out what is missing where the cam chain adjuster is or was as some clown has put a heap of silocone over this spot.

Thanks in advance.

Chris :?:
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Postby Tom Neimeyer » Mon Apr 26, 2004 9:46 pm


Welcome to the ICOA website. :D I'm not sure I can help but I can make a few guesses.

1 Sounds like one (or more) of the slow jets is plugged. You should be able to tell which one by splashing a little water on the exhaust pipes and the cold one is the guilty one. You should get a manual before you tilt engine as it has complete instructions. If you can't get a manual yet, I think a manual in PDF format can be found at cbxworld.com I have had good luck taking the carbs apart without gasket/O-ring damage. Not everybody has had the same luck.

2 I think the plastic can be fixed with fiberglass but have heard of other plastic repairs being better, don't know where you could find the info.

3 The clutch rattle is most likely caused by poor carb sync. The 81/82 models have the improved clutch so it should be fixable. To my knowledge there is no easy to measure oil pressure to the primary chain. The seals should be good, work on the carbs first.

4 On the ICOA site there are the parts fiche. Look at the pictures to find the parts. If that fails, e-mail me and I can take a picture of a motor. Or send me a picture of your motor nad I will try to explain what I see.

Remember, using a hammer to remove parts is always helpful but it often makes reassemble more difficult. :wink:

Regards, Tom
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