Delkevics on the cheap

Postby EMS » Fri Feb 05, 2010 4:39 pm

O.K., maybe I should have said: for "much" under $1,500.-
And why you shouldn't? Look at what a complete 4 into 2 exhaust system costs, that is still available from Honda and then compare how much more complex the CBX 6-2 system is. Try to find someone who will make just a header for the CBX (I did) and what this alone will cost. Then add two mufflers. Chrome processing is slowly being outlawed and getting really expensive to maintain
I know, we all want parts for a reasonable price and we like to get a deal. But $1,000.- or even $1,200.- for an exhaust as large and elaborate as the CBX 6 into 2 of a decent quality, is just not realistic.
I dare to say that the Delkevic will show some serious quality flaws after a few years of use. Like most other parts that are made in China.
And the Sankeis are probably made there too. There is now way they can offer that for that price, if they weren't.
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Postby Don » Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:55 pm

Chroming is harder to find here (because of the EPA regulations) and what you can find is more expensive, but it's still cheap in China where most suich things are made these days

These are every bit as complicated as any CBX system (IMO) and they're 100% stainless and sell for $500 ... ccessories

If the CBX Delkevics were 100% stainless (of course, they aren't . . . . just cheap chromed steel) they still shouldn't sell for any more than $750 or $1K at the most . . . . since they're chromed steel, they should be cheaper than this ST1100 system, IMO

Never mind the $45 shipping fees . . . .

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