Hailwood replica

Hailwood replica

Postby hambson » Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:35 pm

Hi all just wondered if anyone can remember an artical a few years back in an english gloosy bike mag.
It was about a guy in the USA who had built a hailwood replic of his 6 out of a cbx
I do remember the artical writer had flown out to have a test ride in the moutains somewere
But after a while there was some strange noises came from motor they thought it my have been
grit from when the motor was sandblasted to get the sandcast finish that had possibly got in .
i would love to know what happened to that bike and which book i read it in that would be my dream bike
yes i know i could never afford it but dreams are cheap !!!!!!!!!!!

I did have a standard one in 1980 what a beauty candy red rickman engine bars
then i meet my EX wife so that went then the house kids the lot
start again still new wifes brill and 10 years newer
just no cbx or money

cheers all wilo
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