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If my CBX could tell it's story 2.0

Posted: Tue May 19, 2020 6:50 pm
by portalespeanut
Months ago I posted here regarding the unknown history of my recently purchased CBX, finding it interesting that our 40 year old bikes all have 'history'...and for many of us, it's unknown. In the time since I've posted, I've learned a lot about my bike...because it's scattered all over my shop for 4 months now. :D What started out as winter maintenance, has become a full-blown do-over. I had a list of things to look over...alternator, brakes, carbs, and etc, but my list got longer when I discovered low compression and considerable leakdown past the rings. Getting the bike apart, I found that the years of just sitting had allowed considerable corrosion to attack the liners. Long story made shorter, a Wiseco big bore kit with the help of Mike Nixon has been occupying my time...along with all the other things on my list. I've been documenting my 'education' with a log book of sorts, and lots of that those who follow me will have a good laugh, and know a little more about this bike.
So, in a sense, my bike has been telling me it's part at a time. It's in these things that we really come to know about our bikes...and as I'm getting closer to getting mine back on the road, I know it much better than I ever would have had I not taken it down into little pieces. One thing I've learned is that there is a crowd of great guys out here in our world who are willing to help in any way possible... with parts, wisdom, or just an encouraging word. I'm hesitant to list everyone because I'll likely forget someone, but am thankful for Nils Menton, Mike Nixon, Terry Schmidt, Louis Mintone...and all of You here who've responded to my previous thread. There's a bunch of great guys here...and that's one of the most important things I've learned! Thanks guys!