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Re: Quick Ride Yesterday

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Well, another update...
Dec 2019 already.... Dec.1 actually.. They are calling for 3 days of snow starting
later today. Although it is just barely Dec. I guess it counts. So at this point
2 years of at least 1 ride a month.
In the spring, I went for an Inspection Sticker and the idiot inspector was down on the floor
with a very bright LED light and told me my tires were dry rotted and he failed the bike.
Starting this year, Massachusetts Motorcycle Inspection Stations are connected to the RMV on line
So anywhere I took the bike would type in the plate and see it had failed for tires.
I bought new tires and pulled the wheels off and had them mounted at another shop.
I showed my (failed tires) to 3 other Inspection Stations and all 3 told me there was
nothing wrong and there was no dry rot visible.
After installing the wheels, the brake calipers started sticking and
now I have to rebuild the brakes.... So cost of new tires, mount and balance
and now rebuild brakes All this because of an idiot....
Needless to say I tell Everyone I know not to go there.....

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