Heated Clothing

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Heated Clothing

Post by Carl »

Just wondering if any of you guys can provide some input regarding heated garments---vests-jackets-gloves etc. Which manufacturer you recommend--comfort level--etc

I found an interesting site comparing the various manufacturers

http://www.motorsports-network.com/Prod ... ectric.htm

but I don't know one from the other.


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Heated clothes

Post by RIPPER »

I prefer the Gerbing for it's customn features. I have Widder gloves,that are bulky to use.Gerbing will take YOUR gloves that are comfortable and add the heating to them for less than Widder gloves or Gerbing gloves $79.95.Also on my Concours the thing that gets cold is the BACK of my legs,Gerbing will add heating to the back of their pants for only $44.Their jacket liner is to ME more convenient then Widders arm chaps and vest.Also the customer service has a great reputation

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Heated Clothes

Post by gdefran82 »

I just recently purchased Gerbings heated gloves and I think they're the best thing since the round wheel! I've always had a problem with my fingers going numb and actually turning white, sometimes down to the knuckle, in cold weather. For 35 years I've been doing all the usual methods of keeping my fingers warm, curling them inside the glove, holding my hands against the engine, etc. That, plus a little machoism, was my rational for not spending the bucks on anything heated.

I finally decided it was time to treat my fingers to some real warmth after I kept looking them over every time I hit the local Honda shop. Why shouldn't I treat myself and enjoy extending my season comfortably? So I broke out the credit card and did the deed. It's also worth investing in the thermostat so that the heat is adjustable rather than having to unplug or use the available on/off switch if they get too hot, which they can. I haven't felt like mounting it on my X, so I just stick it in my jacket pocket. The other neat thing is that you can pick up additional battery hook-ups for $8, attach them to any other bikes you may have, and now use the gloves on any bike you want!

You're going to break the $200 barrier without discounts, but either way, it's worth it. I've tested them down to about 36 degrees on my '82 and so far they've been perfect. Can't believe I let myself suffer this long!

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Post by Rick Pope »

I have a Widder vest with the electronic controller. I've only used it a few times so far, but plan to do a lot of "testing" this winter on the KLR.

The Widder kept me warm on a 20 degree day. By keeping your core temperature up, your fingers and toes will stay warm too. More blood flow equals greater comfort.

I've installed "SAE" style plugs on several of our bikes so I can plug in the Battery Tenders or hook up the vest.
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Heated Clothing

Post by sixofsix »

Hello from British Columbia, Canada.

I am a firm believer in heated clothing. I have Gerbing heated gloves and socks. I also have a heated vest. You CANNOT get cold hands or feet or torso with these items. But, you must have a controller or the heat is unbearable. The CBX charging system will handle all three items with no problem. Just make sure your charging system is in tip top shape (know the condition of your alternator brushes!) and make sure all connectors are in good shape. Otherwise you will risk knowing what other riders go through without heated clothing!

I repeat, you cannot get cold hands or feet! For the rest of you doing cold weather riding without heated gear, you probably don't believe me, but I rode out to Saskatchewan for a CBX Rally last October, and never once did I get cold hands even in 28 Deg. F weather. My feet could not be felt, but that is why I now have heated socks. Regards, #0006

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