New 6 pot Caliper Upgrade

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Re: New 6 pot Caliper Upgrade

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JustMike wrote:I`ve not been on for a while so just been catching up on the comments.
I must stress that I have no intentions of upgrading or hotrodding my CBX.
Modifications have been limited to a 6 into 1 exhaust so that I can keep the original system safe.
Also I replaced the original rear shocks with a set of standard looking Hagon shocks which are just as bouncy as the originals.
The front calipers have been changed because the way I ride I need good stopping power and quite frankly the original brakes are rubbish.
But I knew they were bad as I have very fond memories from back in the 80`s of running wide on bends or not being able to stop on time for turns etc.
They were not cheap to buy at £700 UK. But if they stop me from running wide on a bend just once, they have paid for themselves.
So modifications can be done to improve things without turning a bike into a hotrod, and the way I`ve done it I can have my bike back to fully original in a couple of hours.
Now my other hack gives me all the power I need if I ever find the CBX lacking. A Triumph Rocket 3.

Agreed. Oem is great on someone else's ride but I enjoy being alive so braking and handling are a minimum upgrade. All my cosmetic changes can be reversed as I stored away all the oem parts and bought spares to modify it to my taste and riding ergonomics.
CBX a work in progress, still improving...GS1150EFE completed and awaiting modifications.....RD350, remnants in boxes scattered throughout the garage

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