cbx1000z cam shafts

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cbx1000z cam shafts

Postby phillcbxuk » Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:19 am

Hi All,
I wonder if anyone can help me as ive think I had cocked up.

I have just rebuilt my cbx trike ( sorry ) when I put the 4 cams back in I decided to check another cbx head I had to see if the cam shafts were better than my originals as they had a bit of wear, and 2 of them looked better so I swopped them ( I cant remember which 2 I changed ) ops.... however when I started her she was quite noisy more than before the build.

I now know the cams are line bored so I think this is the problem, so my question is how can I tell which cams are the original engine ones as I still have all 8 are there marks on them to define a matched set of 4 ? is there any other way of telling ?

I have the other cylinder head on a bench so can use that one to trial the cams and process of elimination will tell me which ones I need to swop back.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to get me out of this cock up,
The spare cylinder head I bought complete is no good as corroded badly but also unsure if its the Z or Prolink model and are the cams the same for both models

Any help would be great guys, really cocked up here.... :sad-roulette:

Regards Phill
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