Neutral / Oil / Engine /Chain questions! yeah... i'm new h

Neutral / Oil / Engine /Chain questions! yeah... i'm new h

Postby CBXboy » Wed Jun 18, 2003 11:42 pm

Hey I'm new to this board, and new to owning a CBX (got it today)

Bike : 87 CBX250 w only 7000km


1) shifts great through all gears, only problem when stopped, and downshifted to second or first, neutral is usually next to impossible to find. When in first gear, shift lever almost refuses to move up at all.

2) Engine oil - This sounds dumb - but how do I check the oil?? I don't have the owner's manual, and I know differnet bikes have different ways to check oil... i.e. warm , cold, on side stand, on center stand etc..... Also - what kind should I put in , and where is the oil filter hidden?

3) Engine - Twin cylinder?? or single? it looks like a twin but in one casing?? very confused....

4) Chain - what do you recommend for cleaning it? As for lube - sticker says 80 or 90 w gear oil... any other recommendations?

Finally - any other good sites with technical specs / how tos ?

Any help appreciated... Looking forward to lots of fun cruising!

thanks guys

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250 CBX Info

Postby Joe Perkis » Thu Jun 19, 2003 12:27 pm

Try starting your search for info at the web site below. ... 0_1987.asp
Joe Perkis

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