79 cbx

79 cbx

Postby Paul » Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:12 pm

It's amazing what can pee-oof some people nowadays , guess it's a sign of the times ,but the only reason I write in caps is due to age and with not great vision so CAPS prevents me from having to focus to hard and easier to read when I type .
Thx for the info ,I will cancel the spring order , just to understand what you said ,springs out ,sliders all the way up ,and then fill oil to six inches from the top ,
I have two 79 CBX ,the other one is in stand-bye mode as it needs some TLC and was a big disappointment as I had bought it sight unseen and got a raw deal ,when I did purchase the bike it had the usual clutch rattle so I opened it with the intentions of sending the clutch basket to TIM CBX ,great service those guys , for an upgrade ,as it turned out the clutch was actually from a 81 or 82 . so I just closed it up .
My next 79 I purchased this spring ,went to see it before i made the purchase ,beautiful bike ,and rides and performs exactly like what I had read about them ,no regrets on this one and just continually fine tuning .This bike has 30 km and no clutch rattle at idle ,The problem I have is when the bike is on the centr stand and placed in gear the rear wheel will turn and is actually quite hard to stop .Although the bike will not move forward when stopped with clutch engaged ,another small glitch is when gearing down from 2nd -neutral ,the neutral position is very difficulkt to find and most times the gear will go into first and then it's impossible to shift up to neutral unless I shut off the engine and then place in neutral ,the gears change without any grating or difficulty ,so was planning on removing the 82 basket and place into this bike as I have read the 82 basket is a better clutch and get's rid of a few earlier problems
Any info on this subject will be appreciated
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Re: 79 cbx

Postby Jeff Bennetts » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:02 pm

All the symptoms you describe sounds like a mis-adjusted clutch or clutch cable, take out your manual and follow the instructions or do a search here.
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