1983 CBX 550F Rejetting

1983 CBX 550F Rejetting

Postby DHagen » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:40 pm

Hey guys,
I'm new here, and joined to figure out how to rejet my carbs, ie. drilling out to new sizes, carb adjustment...
I finished it before my membership went through and thought I would let you know exactly what I did.

I installed 4 pod filters on my bike, the K&N style. The exhaust if a little elss restricted than stock. The bike sputtered at around 4 grand under load and really fought back when I tried to accelerate.
I adjusted the air fuel ratios to the point of misfire, then backed them off until the piston fired properly.
The sputtering moved up to about 5 grand. Nothing I did seemed to help, only move the point of misfire around.
I decided rejetting would solve the problem.
I drilled out the main jets to a #61 and the pilot jets to #78. They were stamped 95 and 35 previously.
I had a spare drill chuck so I used it as a handle for the bit. Brass is very soft and we're not taking off a lot of material.
Turn it by hand, be careful. These bits are like fine wire.
Im in Calgary, AB Canada. We're at 3500 ft above sea level.

It's like I'm riding a new bike. It sounds like a Ducati and the throttle response is unbelievable.
It was hard to find specific information on this, just a lot of opinions. Here are real results and the sizes of the drill bits I used.
Good luck.
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