79 38T vs 42T rear sprocket

Re: 79 38T vs 42T rear sprocket

Postby Don » Fri May 13, 2011 9:37 am

rekit wrote:BUT-why would the return oil temp ever change-unless you plugged the cooler with screw bugs.
The oil cooler isn't all that effective even under the best of circumstances. The return oil temp varies in relation to how hard you're working the engine as that causes the oil being sent to the cooler to rise in temps and the cooler can only do so much to lower those temps
New temp readings coming soon. What are you guys reading when aiming a temp gun at the front of the oil pan?
Borrow your wifes kitchen thermometer and stick it in the oil filler hole to compare the actual oil temperature with the readings you're getting measuring the case temperature with the laser gun - I expect the oil will be hotter than the cases as they are radiating heat

Your readings are an interesting alternative and it would be nice to know what they really mean concerning actual oil temps - Most of us measure the temperature of the oil itself with a gauge rather than measuring the cases with a gun

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