HAGON fork springs, words of caution

HAGON fork springs, words of caution

Postby alimey4u2 » Mon Jun 07, 2010 4:09 am

A year or so back I installed Hagon fork springs in my 1980 CBX fitted with Prolink forks... Now the Prolink forks were more heavy duty to support ( I would guess) the added load/duty of the fairing/bags/touring.

This with the heavy duty Hagon springs proved to be a bad modification.

The front end was very stiff & my bike developed a high speed weave...Took the springs out & replaced with the originals & it's a sweet as a nut....

By posting this I've shot my chances in swinging these on E-Bay but someones got to look after ya'll.... :D Maybe pogo stick manufacturing will recoup my loss... :idea:
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