First 60 days with Pipemasters

Re: First 60 days with Pipemasters

Postby daves79x » Fri Oct 18, 2019 6:49 am

Benny - do not alter the stock jetting for the Pipemasters, it is totally unnecessary. Use the stock foam replacement filter sock (they are available form David Silver and Six Center, NLA from Honda, or the stock-type paper filter, also available from those sources and elsewhere). Do not be tempted to us the K&N replacement filter.

As to your carbs - if they have never been separated for a complete cleaning and o-ring replacement, you need to do or have that done now while they are off the bike. You are just asking for trouble if you don't do all that. Original o-rings are 40 years old and they are all failing by now. That may be more than you are planning to do, but you'll be doing it all again very soon if you don't do it now. Randakk and Mike Nixon and others offer Viton o-ring kits.

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