Cleaning 62A Carburetors on '80 CBX

Cleaning 62A Carburetors on '80 CBX

Postby SanDogDewey » Mon May 24, 2010 1:38 pm

I've got 62A carburetors on my '80 CBX. Has anyone had any luck unclogging a passage between the Slow Jet in the bowl and the Pilot Screw? I've got two that are clogged. I've run the carbs through my ultrasonic cleaner 4 or 5 times, soaked the the passage with PB Blaster, blown them out with compressed air...but no luck so far.

The Slow Jets are clean down to the bottom, but it's the cross passage that is blocked. Has anyone boiled these carbs in Simple Green?
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Re: Cleaning 62A Carburetors on '80 CBX

Postby daves79x » Mon May 24, 2010 8:32 pm

When you blow down through the 'plugged' circuits, does carb cleaner spray out anywhere? It should spray out the 3 small holes right at the carb butterfly as well as the air bleed in the carb top. In any case, you can remove the pressed-in slow jets and that allows for better cleaning access. The procedure for doing that is well documented here if you do a search, or let me know if you want to do that.

If you have separated the carbs, you can dunk the problem ones in carb soak for a while to see if that helps, or try heating the area where the passage is plugged with a propane torch. You can also try boiling brake fluid down through the jet and that will sometimes clear a blockage.

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Re: Cleaning 62A Carburetors on '80 CBX

Postby NobleHops » Tue May 25, 2010 8:48 am

Heya Dewey, welcome to the board. Dave is the very guy you want helping you with a carburetor problem, you're in good hands.
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Re: Cleaning 62A Carburetors on '80 CBX

Postby Jeff Bennetts » Wed May 26, 2010 8:16 am

Dewy, I think your on the right track with trying a hot water and a detergent mix, there are sometimes calcium deposites that plug the carbs that carb cleaner wont touch. I use a mixture of very hot water and marine clean in my sonic tank.

WARNING, dont leave the carbs in too long or it can tarnish the carb bodies. Some detergents will tarnish aluminum, so read the lables and test the product first.

Then blow compressed air through all the jets and passages and recheck them again by using some brake cleaner, like Dave mentioned above there is a detailed procedure for where the fluids should exit when using carb spray through each passage here on the board.

Good luck.
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