Where should I send my carbs?

Vendors in the CBX Club

Postby HondaJohn » Wed Dec 12, 2007 11:15 pm

Reference Randall Washington's (Randakk) comments concerning his dealings with Louis. I made a post a few months back about a deal with Louis that was bad, referring to him as the usedcbxparts guy in Florida, or something like that. I won't go into the full background but my comments can be read in my posts.

A 79 CBX that I purchased from Mr Louis was totally misrepresented and now with 9k invested in the bike - that was in great condition according to him, the engine is still not back in the frame, but getting close. Anyway, my point in following up to Randakk's comments, is to reinforce not only the negative dealings with the usedcbxparts guy from Florida, but to reiterate that vendors should not be allowed in the club just to sell products to the members.

Terry also stated the same in his comments. Mr Louis joined this club in 2005. If he knows as much about CBX's as he states loudly, then why was he not a member way back when I joined and communicated with Stan by phone and US mail, because we did not have all this fancy internet stuff? Where was Louis in those early days?

My contention is that he is only in this club for profit and he should not be allowed to be a member for this purpose - and I truly believe that this is the only reason he is in the club - for profit and not for socializing.

As Terry stated, vendors should be paying for the privilege to sell us junk or anything else. Louis sells junk so why would he bad mouth ebay?? It is time that the club leaders take a hard look at people who do a full time business in this club for profit.

To put a bike or a few parts up for sale as an individual, this is acceptable, but to be a full time dealer of junk, getting near free advertising and access to the entire membership, this is not right.

My experience with Louis was exactly the same as Randall's and I can name 5 other people that have similar stories. Louis called one of them a "putz". What a club member!!

Again, I say it is time that the club officers approach this situation and take some action. It ain't gonna fix itself.
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Postby Louis » Thu Dec 13, 2007 12:03 am

John, For your info I was a member when my # was in 500s was out of it for bit and they gave me a new number when I rejoined. I also will call a person a Jack ass if they are one them as well.
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Postby cbxtacy » Fri Dec 14, 2007 12:36 am

Hey Mike, we need a new area on the message board entitled "Kleenex" . We can keep certain threads and subjects there. Now has anyone heard from Kie Robertson from Red Label Moto and the results of his carb overhaul?
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Postby rbarber » Mon Dec 17, 2007 3:24 pm

Louis wrote: I also will call a person a Jack ass if they are one them as well.

Jack's last name is ass??? :shock: :? :?
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Re: Where should I send my carbs?

Postby texas-ss-tornado » Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:05 pm

Doing alot of research, trying to figure out where to send my carbs. Never did see a "resolution" to this thread, anybody know how the carbs came out? I have talked to Louis personally and he sounds like a decent enough person, but as every one knows, this is a business for him and he prices his parts as such. If I were running a CBX parts business, I would be doing the same thing. Obviously, people are paying these prices, or else he would be out of business by now, right? Can't blame a guy for asking top dollar for parts, if people are still paying that price, supply and demand 101 folks, it's the American way, absolutely nothing wrong with it. I for one have decided to shop around and be a budget shopper, because I am in no hurry, but I have nothing personal again Tim or Louis. But for impatient folks, who just HAVE to HAVE something immediately, it's great to have a Tims or Louis around who have the parts on hand that people need.

Re: Where should I send my carbs?

Postby EMS » Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:11 pm

Try to find a person with the right mix of CBX enthusiasm, willingness to help and business sense and ethics.
Mike Nixon and Dave McMunn come to mind. Both do excellent and thorough jobs with CBX carbs. Only problem may be that they may have their hands full and it may take longer.
That's always the downturn if somebody doesn't do it for a business with profit as the first priority
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Re: Where should I send my carbs?

Postby oilheadron » Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:54 pm

Not to jump in front of anybody, but I'll be glad to do them if the others can't. We use Randaak's kits exclusively for everything that he provides kits for.


Re: Where should I send my carbs?

Postby Don » Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:15 pm

I will second the notion of contacting Dave McMunn (he did mine) or Mike Nixon for carburetor work. While most of us wouldn't think twice about paying $100 or so for geting one carb rebuilt, we still may experience some 'sticker shock' when we hear $600 or more for a bank of CBX carbs, but you have to consider thay are more than 6X as complicated - All of the interconnecting tubes with O-rings and then synchronizing all 6 of them together is really quite a job. Several hundred dollars worth of parts and 10 or 12 hours of labor are involved to 'do it right'

If either of these guys does them for you, you can rest assured of one thing . . . . when you hit the button, it will start quickly and run right - That's almost priceless

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