RestoCycle restomods a 1981 Honda CB750F

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Re: RestoCycle restomods a 1981 Honda CB750F

Postby NobleHops » Thu Nov 03, 2016 2:33 pm

Goss wrote:
NobleHops wrote:Hey, I can do that.

Here's my engine, back out of the frame, with the head off, after I discovered that the upper cam chain tensioner was WAY too tight, causing unnatural sounds from the engine on startup.


I hired a VERY experienced local guy to do most of the building of this engine. When he offered to discount his labor rate to remedy the problem he got 'voted off the island'. Should have just built it myself.

How's that Goss? :-)


I just knew you would rise to the challenge Nils, I just didn't think it would be on this scale! Sorry to hear of your disaster, you get 10/10, well he does and shot himself in the foot too. Not a recommendation.

Once you have put it right your skills will outweigh all of his "experience", you would have thought that he would have spotted the issue on assembly.

Sounds like he needs some customer service training...



I think I have it sorted at this point, won't know for another week or so, but it's all positive in a learning sense :-).

I do not begrudge a man making his own mistakes, I make far too many for that. All that matters is what happens next, that's where relationships either get stronger or dissolve. And that's all I have to say about that :-).
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Re: RestoCycle restomods a 1981 Honda CB750F

Postby Syscrush » Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:05 pm

I avoided clicking this one for a while because in theory I don't like the DOHC4 CB's - I prefer the styling of the SOCH4's and of course the insanity of the 'X. But finally I knew I needed to see a bunch of miraculously clean motorcycle parts, and as usual you didn't disappoint. :D

NobleHops wrote:I really do not want to strip and reprep the entire thing.

I'll bet you actually do. I've seen your work, and I'll bet that if the touch-up isn't perfect, you'll strip and redo it all, cursing the whole time, and then be very glad you did when it's all done.

Good luck, build looks great so far!
Phil in Toronto
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