CBX Memorabilia

Shoichiro Irimajiri Letter
In 1990 Mike Brown invited Shoichiro Irimajiri, the lead engineer on the CBX development project, to a CBX rally in the United States. Shoichiro was unable to attend, but sent this letter recalling the bike's development and his role in it. Thanks to Mike Brown for making the letter available. Each page is c. 100K in size.

1978 French CBX Brochure
This brochure from France has a sharp graphic of the first CBX, released there in 1978, hurtling through space.

1978 British CBX Brochure
A six-page brochure from Britain, revealing that the bike was marketed there as the "Sport King". Thanks to Barry Gale for making the scans available.

1979 American CBX Catalog Pages
The CBX was first released in the United States as a 1979 model, and Honda's full-line catalog for that year began with this two-page CBX spread.

1979 American CBX Brochure
A very detailed twelve-page brochure introducing the new CBX. Features an annotated cutaway illustration showing the bike's technical advances.

1979 American CBX Advertisement
A four-page ad for the first CBX, from an American motorcycle magazine.

1980 American CBX Brochure
The 'A' model CBX was released in the U.S. in 1980. It featured incremental improvements in a number of areas, mostly handling-related, but lost some horsepower.

1981 American CBX Brochure
Honda reconfigured the CBX for 1981 as a sport-tourer, with fairing and saddlebags. They published this brochure to introduce the new version. Thanks to Jordan Miller for making the scans available.

1981 German CBX Brochure
The German introduction of the sport-touring CBX. Thanks to Achim Grabbe for making the scans available.

1981 American CBX Advertisement
A two-page ad for the sport-touring CBX, from an American motorcycle magazine.

1982 American CBX Brochure
1982 was the final year for the CBX - apart from a color change to white, the bike was virtually the same as the previous year's model. This six page brochure was issued for the United States market.

1979 CBX Owner's Manual
Scans of the entire owner's manual for the U.S. version of the 'Z' model CBX. Includes maintenance schedule and procedures, adjustment techniques, specifications etc. Where else to learn that you should shift to fifth at 37 mph?

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