1979 CBX Owner's Manual
Scans of the entire owner's manual for the U.S. version of the 'Z' model CBX. Includes maintenance schedule and procedures, adjustment techniques, specifications etc. Where else to learn that you should shift to fifth at 37 mph?

Honda CBX-6 Stripdown
This series of articles appeared in the British magazine Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics from December 1991 through March 1992. The magazine staff removed and stripped the bike's engine, restoring as needed, and present a step-by-step discussion of the procedure with photos of each operation. Thanks to Bruce Hodges & Tom Neimeyer for making these articles available.

Bearing up under the strain?
A discussion of the author's painful experiences replacing the swingarm bushings on a 'Z' model Honda CBX - from the Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics May 1992 issue. Thanks to Bruce Hodges for providing the article.

Refinishing Engine Cases
A good how-to discussion on stripping, polishing and refinishing aluminum engine cases, from the November 1984 Motorcyclist. Should apply to any alloy parts. For more info, see "Polishing and Buffing the Professional Way at Home" in the March 1997 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News.

Service Manual Errata
The service manual (North American version) for the CBX is still available from Honda dealers or directly from Helm Inc., and is essential for doing any work on the bikes. However, the 1979-80 manual has a number of errors - here's a listing.

1980 CBX Maintenance Log
Discussing work done to my black 1980 CBX.

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