CBX Contacts

CBX-Related Web Sites:
CBX Mailing List:
  • CBX devotees should join the CBX mailing list by sending a request with "subscribe CBX Firstname Lastname" in the body of the message (keep the case as indicated). The mailing list is a great way to share info, experiences and idle chatter that relate (however vaguely) to the CBX motorcycle. And it's free.
Old CBX Mailing List:
  • The current mailing list is a successor to one that was distributed manually prior to April 1997. This document, in zipped MS Word format (84K) or zipped text format (76K), is a collection of messages from the original list, and contains a good deal of useful and interesting info.
International CBX Owners Association:
  • The ICOA's motto is "Dedicated to the Preservation of the CBX Motorcycle". Members receive a quarterly magazine (the CBXpress) with technical information, rally schedules, CBX-related ads and more. Contact Pete Ruff, ICOA Membership Director.
CBX Bulletin Board:
  • Tim's International Motorcycle Supply maintains a popular web-based bulletin board. You can read messages concerning the CBX, or post one for viewing by the online CBX community (note - new posts must be approved by the BBS owner, and may not appear for several days).