CBX Stripdown - page 3
(Vol. 51 - January 1992)

  Preparation and top end strip
Editor Bob Berry's Honda-6 engine was delivered to Tadcaster-based expert John Wyatt for its rebuild. What did John find upon stripping down the 33,000 mile motor? Brian Crichton's words and pictures tell all.

JOHN Wyatt has been working on CBX models for ten years. He bought a new CBX in September 1980 and has it now - in such pristine condition it has to be seen to be believed. Since he started showing bikes four years ago John has won at least one trophy for each bike he has restored.

Bob's engine is being stripped by John simply because he rang us offering to do it after Bob mentioned in the magazine that he had bought the bike. It wasn't the intention to have the engine rebuilt at all - but such was the interest in the big Honda that we decided to go ahead.


USUAL problems with the Honda six cylinder engine are:

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